We are delighted to launch our 3M Business School of Orthodontics
Business School of Ortho is a 3M initiative driven to enhance orthodontists life and business acumen via our E-xcellere Digital Hub. We will be covering topics such as accounting, administration, business analytics, strategy, entrepreneurship, human resource management, management information systems, clinic management, clinic economics, marketing, public relations, neuromarketing, mindfulness, organizational psychology, behaviour, sociology and spiritualistic topics. We will be having a skill-based approach to serve as a solution partner for our customers and leverage their knowledge & confidence on topics in addition to orthodontics.

Take a look at our exciting topics and esteemed guest speakers.

We will be utilizing a skill-based approach to increase knowledge and build confidence with other vast topics in addition to orthodontics.

Business Management

Ezgi Demir

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Mindfulness - Are you living in the moment, past or future?

Did you know that dolphins are always in Gamma State ? How to train your mind like a dolphin ?

Practical guide to leverage your relationships with yourself, team, customers, friends and family ...

Activate the state of “Loving Kindness” - increased levels of compassion, feelings of happiness, and at the same time peak performance mental abilities come out.

Having high levels of intelligence. Being compassionate. Having high amounts of self-control. Having greater than average feelings of natural happiness. Increased awareness through your five senses.

Product Based Lectures

David Moreno

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Digital Indirect Bonding: A new approach that will improve your daily practice

Is the future of orthodontics going digital? In the past, Indirect Bonding involved many steps in the laboratory process that made it technique sensitive and complicated to implement in the daily practice. 

Currently the combination of intra-oral scanning, digital workflows together with disruptive developments like 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free can make the difference. In this webinar you will discover a new, digital and simplified way to reconsider the implementation of indirect bonding in your practice.

Product Based Lectures

Shira Zary

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There is no social distancing in dentistry or orthodontics!

A year after COVID-19 changed much about how we live and practice dentistry, we know a lot more about how to best protect ourselves and our patients. In this lecture, we will delve into the different types of respiratory protection available today, and share valuable information on choosing the right type of respiratory protection for you. We will provide some tips on correct usage of respiratory protection, and share a how-to demo.

Business Managment

Olivera Drca

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Neuroscience applied to real life dental practice​

Learn the psychology behind effective patient and team communication

Acceptance of a patient treatment plan has become
a crucial factor in today’s modern dental practice. 
Team communication is the foundational ingredient to a long term successful practice. 
Learn how to apply basic psychology within a team setting and get a better understanding of your patients in order to build sustainable relationships.

Albert Waning

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Likes & dislikes, choice or conditioning?

It takes the blink of an eye to decide if we like somebody or not. Is that a conscious decision? When we want to convice a patient of our treatment proposal, how much detail should we share - will they decide based on the rational reasons or are there any factors? Why is it that we explain clearly what we like to do and why, then later the patients asks us what we so clearly explained already?

Product Based Lectures

Pierre Lheureux

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Do you have CLARITY on "CLARITY™"? Learn how to meet aesthetic expectations with CLARITY™ ADVANCED and CLARITY™ ULTRA

The requirements of orthodontic patients rapidly changed over time. In the past, people sent their children to the orthodontist just to upright their teeth and the orthodontist was expected to perform a technical treatment to align or level the teeth or to correct severe malocclusions. Today it’s different in some way. Correcting the occlusion is not sufficient anymore. Not only children, but also adults are fascinated by all aesthetic images spread by the media. They all want to be as beautiful as their preferred movie stars and they want their smile at the end of an orthodontic treatment. It’s not only about the final aspect of their teeth. They also want an aesthetic smile during the months the orthodontic treatment lasts. There is a real trend towards aesthetics. This trend is led by the media, followed by the people of our today’s society. This also became a source of competition between orthodontist. Applying aesthetic treatments with aesthetic appliances like the 3M™ Clarity™ Advanced and Clarity™ Ultra ceramic braces is a real added value in the eyes of the patients. Let’s go with the wind, not against the wind.

Efrat Labzovsky

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Proactive dental care-in! Reactive dental care-out!

Today’s esthetically aware patient, require today’s esthetic dental-care. Considering the fact that the goal of orthodontic treatment is to enhance facial and dental esthetic appearance, it is in greater demand today than ever before. However, enamel decalcifications called white spot lesions are one of the most common complications which can significantly impair the esthetic results for orthodontic patients. Regular use of fluoride toothpaste is the most common recommendation by orthodontists, but research shows that it is not effective in preventing white lesions around orthodontic braces as it's highly dependent on the patient's cooperation. Do we have other solutions? Can we keep our promise to do no harm?