3M Ortho Conference E-xcellere 2020

This time it is online and worldwide

Orthodontics has always been a dynamic discipline, and its natural element of evolution and adaptation is especially important during this time of great change.  With events located all over the world, Excellere is the global orthodontic conference dedicated to change, how it can be an opportunity that sets practices apart.  The Latin root of action words such as “to rise up,” “to surpass,” “to excel,” Excellere is a forum to learn from specialists who have integrated the latest advancements in digital technology, esthetic treatment and practice management to achieve distinctive results.  In the spirit of continuous evolution so integral to orthodontics, this first E-xcellere Conference will expand the conversation online, offering a digital connection to innovative concepts from around the globe.  Challenge conventional thought, engage new ideas in practical terms, share best practices with your online community and learn how to elevate an orthodontic practice to new levels.

Five Question with Roberto
Dr. Roberto Stradi
1. What food does Roberto like the most?
A)??    B)??    C)??
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