Join us for a series of captivating E-xcellere 2021 events that will introduce you to the latest technologies and techniques in orthodontics. We will also share clinical cases as well as personal experiences from world renowned E-xcellere speakers. This will encourage peer to peer learning and self-mastery.

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Dr. Esther Olivera
Free Registration! Aesthetics Series
25th November / 19:00-20:50 ( CET ) - Dr. Esther Olivera
Camouflage Treatment with Skeletal Anchorage & Q & A

Dr. Ömür Polat Özsoy
Dr. Ömür Polat Özsoy / Emotional Aspects of Digital Flash-Free Indirect Bonding. What are the benefits for both the orthodontist and the patient?

Dr. Isabelle Savoye - Mrs. Marlyn Van Cutsem - Mr. David Moreno / The 3M way of doing Indirect Bonding

Dr. Riccardo Riatti
Dr. Gianluigi Fiorillo / ClarityTM Ultra Bracket, my personal experience in terms of effectiveness and efficiency
Dr. Raffaele Sacerdoti
Dr. Raffaele Sacerdoti / ClarityTM Ultra Bracket, my personal experience
Dr. Isabelle Savoye - Dr. Itamar Friedländer / Digital Flash-Free Bonding "The 3M Way of Doing Indirect Bonding"

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